About us

The journey of Giraffe Squad started during 2015, when 2 producers casually got to know each other. They decided to form a duo with the precise intent to make Emotional Music, music that people loves, music that can give emotions. After their first release as a duo, called "Infected", which got also a Remix Contest, they kept on making music. Giraffe Squad also hopped in the Spinnin' Records Talent Pool with their track "Wildfire", reaching spot 1. Seeing the project was going on well, they decided to make even more music, getting released on Ensis Records in 2016 with their track "Lunar", which got also premiered on EDM.COM. Giraffe Squad can also count on a collaboration with famous DJ's and producers "Sean & Bobo", collaborations with singer "Christy Million" and much more. In 2017 they made their breakthrough releasing their track "Wait For Me", signing it on No Copyright Sounds (NCS) which counts milions of views on YouTube, Spotify and all other streaming platform, making it possible for Giraffe Squad to show their qualities. After their hit "Wait For Me", Giraffe Squad decided to release a sequel, called "Wait For You" on Ensis Records. Stay tuned for Giraffe Squad, a lot of music is coming.